Best Illinois Sports Betting Apps, Sportsbook App Reviews 2023

By Joss Wood

There are 7 different betting apps available in the Illinois sports betting market. Illinois sports betting apps provide the huge advantage of convenience: You can bet from anywhere within state lines, whenever you are ready. This article reviews the best sports betting apps – Illinois.

Top-ranked Illinois Sports Betting Apps

We've got the 30,000-foot view of the best mobile sports betting apps Illinois. Each offers a link to a brand review so you can be sure to land Illinois betting apps that you love. Download one today.

Visit for T&Cs. Must be 21+. IL only. New Customer Offer. All promotions are subject to qualification and eligibility requirements. Rewards issued as non-withdrawable bonus bets. Bonus bets expire in 7 days from issuance. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER (426-2537) or by texting ILGAMB to 53342. In partnership with Par-A-Dice Hotel Casino.
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Best Illinois Sports Betting Apps

📲 BetMGM Betting App Best for New Bettors
📲 Caesars Betting App Best Sportsbook App Rewards Program
📲 BetRivers Betting AppBest App for Odds Boosts
📲 DraftKings Betting AppBest App for DFS
📲 FanDuel Betting AppBest App for Live Betting Markets

Legal Sports Betting Apps In Illinois

We will take a look at some of the top features of each Illinois betting app as well as describe the best mobile apps for Illinois online sports betting

You will find similarities between the options, but each Illinois betting app is also going to stand out for a specific reason. If you are looking for the best sports betting apps in Illinois, you need to choose from the list below.

Best Overall Illinois Betting App

BetMGM sportsbook Illinois launched in Illinois in early March 2022, and it has not disappointed. The BetMGM betting app has everything you need and more when weighing out which sportsbook app is the best for you.

Why We Like It

When considering the user experience, betting markets, rewards program, type of bets, and promotions, BetMGM was near the top for them all. That is why we consider the BetMGM sportsbook to be the best overall Illinois sports betting app.

⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.8
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 4.5
Best Sports Betting App Overall
betmgm sportsbook app ilb


Visit for T&Cs. Must be 21+. IL only. New Customer Offer. All promotions are subject to qualification and eligibility requirements. Rewards issued as non-withdrawable bonus bets. Bonus bets expire in 7 days from issuance. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER (426-2537) or by texting ILGAMB to 53342. In partnership with Par-A-Dice Hotel Casino.

Best Illinois Sports Betting App for Rewards

Caesars Sportsbook Illinois rewards program has set itself apart from other Illinois sports betting apps. When you bet with Caesars, you get 1 Reward Credit for every $5 wagered. Rewards credits at Caesars are simultaneously accumulated in a parallel Tier Credit program. The higher the tier the better perks you are offered. 

Why We Like it

The Caesars brand is affiliated with various resorts and properties. This means rewards perks can be included with hotel stays, shopping sprees, show tickets, meals, and spa visits at Caesars resorts.

⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.6
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 4.4
Best App for Rewards Program
Caesars Sportsbook App ILB

Best Illinois Sports Betting App for Unique Betting Options

The FanDuel sportsbook Illinois is another Illinois sports betting market leader for daily fantasy sports. It has a very respectable sportsbook as well. The FanDuel sportsbook app has a wide range of betting markets and bet types. They have their own promotional bets to back celebrity picks and more. 

Why We Like It

FanDuel has a variety of celebrity sponsorships that allow users to ride a same game parlay with their favorite podcaster or TV star. 

⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.8
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 4.7
Best for Unique Betting Options
FanDuel Sportsbook App ILB

Best Illinois Betting App for Daily Odds Boosts

BetRivers sportsbook Illinois was the first Illinois betting app to go live. The thing that makes the BetRivers sportsbook app their frequent Odds Boosts. the Odds Boosts come across a variety of sports and are a great way to make the most of the action.

Why We Like It

What has helped it remain among the best Illinois betting apps is a willingness to improve. Its app has gained more than a full rating point at the Apple App Store.

⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.7
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 3.2
Best App for Daily Odds Boosts
BetRivers Sportsbook App ILB

Best Illinois Betting App for Daily Fantasy

The DraftKings sportsbook Illinois is another leader in Illinois, and in the rest of the United States as well. It is worth noting that the DraftKings Sportsbook app and the Daily Fantasy App are two different things. However, you can sign in with the same account on both. 

Why We Like It

DraftKings sportsbook has a sleek design and is very user friendly. It has everything you could want in an Illinois sports betting app.

⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.8
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 4.6
Best App For Player Prop Bets
DraftKings Sportsbook App ILB

Barstool Illinois Betting App

Barstool Sportsbook has made modest and incremental app improvements since it launched, adding Parlay+ for Major League Baseball and international hockey, and improving its quick beat feature in early 2022. 

What is a Mobile Sports Betting App?

Increasing numbers of Illinois sports bettors prefer the convenience of placing wagers through iOS and Android devices. Illinois online sports betting firms meet that demand by providing a range of high-quality Illinois betting apps.

When you download any of the mobile betting apps available in the state, you should expect to find a service that makes it easy and enjoyable to get involved with your favorite sports, teams and leagues.

The technology that drives Illinois mobile sports betting apps is constantly refined to deliver ever-improving online sports betting services. All the Illinois sportsbook promo codes - including sign-up bonuses such as a risk-free bet or a deposit boost, and ongoing offers such as free bets - should be available.

You should also find all the sports betting markets you want, and all of them should be delivered with the functionality that makes it easy to enjoy in-play betting wherever you are.

Advantages of Illinois Mobile Sports Betting Apps

There are many reasons why players want to access the online sports betting market by using Illinois betting apps. The main advantage of downloading an Illinois betting app is convenience.

Rather than being tied to your desktop, you can engage with the mobile sportsbook available on an Illinois betting app while you are on the move, at work or even at a major sports game.

Once you have downloaded an Illinois mobile betting app, gaining access to your favorite markets each time you want to place a wager should be much quicker than opening a web browser on your phone. That can make a difference if you enjoy in-play betting and want to place a wager quickly.

Illinois mobile sports betting is here to stay, and the presence in the state of many of the best betting apps available today ensures there will be a high level of engagement with leading online sportsbooks offering their services here.

Differences Between Sports Betting Apps & a Web-Based Sportsbook

You do not have to download an Illinois mobile betting app to enjoy mobile sports betting. It is also possible to access the best Illinois online sports betting platforms by opening a web browser window on your device and launching an online betting site.

Many of the leading providers of online sportsbooks now ensure that their sites are optimized for mobile access, ensuring that owners of iOS and Android devices can access their markets on popular sports in this way with fewer glitches.

If you access one of the leading operators on your desktop - such as Caesars, DraftKings, or BetRivers- you will also by definition be using a larger screen where more information can be displayed.

However, providers of the best betting apps create amazing designs that can cram plenty of detail into a smaller space without making them cluttered and confused. Also, downloading a mobile betting app ensures that you can access your preferred markets much more quickly - and on the best mobile sports betting apps you will get handy push notifications too.

Whether you prefer to download sports betting apps or to wager through a web-based sportsbook, the experience of betting on popular sports should be an enjoyable one.

Pick Your Illinois Betting App Based On Your League

Obviously every Illinois betting app cannot be the best for every bettor. Here are my suggestions from the best sports betting apps for you based on your favorite league. This is also a good guide so that you can get multiple Illinois betting apps if you are into multiple sports.

  • Best Illinois Betting App for Football: BetMGM

    When it comes to football betting apps, BetMGM is clearly the top choice among Illinois betting apps. Football is going to be the sport featured at all of the mobile apps, but BetMGM does some things that set it apart. The Illinois sportsbook app also offers great NFL Odds in Illinois. With the BetMGM sportsbook app, you can find and bet on the Bears playoff chances.

  • Best Illinois Betting App for Baseball: DraftKings

    DraftKings has partnered with the Chicago Cubs and a retail sports betting site is planned for Wrigley Field in 2023. Because of this partnership, DraftKings is the best baseball Illinois betting app available. DraftKings has competitive odds for all major sports, but it features plenty of MLB Odds in Illinois and other promotions on MLB action.

  • Best Illinois Betting App for Basketball: Caesars

    Caesars Sportsbook was handing out free NBA jerseys to Illinois bettors to celebrate the launch of the 2021-22 NBS season. This was a terrific promotion, and was one of the many reasons that Caesars leads the way when it comes to the NBA betting. The NBA continues to be a very popular sport to bet on, and Caesars Sportsbook should be the top option for its NBA Odds in Illinois.

  • Best Illinois Sports Betting App For Hockey: FanDuel

    The FanDuel Sportsbook app is the best option for NHL bettors in the state of Illinois. FanDuel routinely features promotions centered around the NHL, especially the Chicago Blackhawks. Throughout the NHL season, FanDuel is known for offering parlay insurance for NHL betting markets. If you are looking for the best NHL Odds in Illinois then the FanDuel Sportsbook app has you covered.

What Is The #1 Illinois Sports Betting App?

Here are the current ratings by app users for Illinois betting apps. All Illinois betting apps have different strengths.

BetMGM⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.8
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 4.5
Best Sports Betting App Overall
Caesars⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.6
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 4.4
Best App for Rewards Program
PointsBet⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.8
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 4.6
Best App for Unique Bet Types
FanDuel⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.8
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 4.7
Best for Unique Betting Options
DraftKings⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.8
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 4.6
Best App For Player Prop Bets
BetRivers⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.7
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 3.2
Best App for Daily Odds Boosts
Barstool⭐ Apple App Store Rating: 4.8
⭐ Google App Store Rating: 3.2
Best App for Fast Payouts

Your personal betting style, desires to wager on certain sports and appetite for different promos will be your final guide. 

Best Sports Betting Apps Illinois: What Sports Bettors Should Want

When looking for the best Illinois betting app, certain features need to be looked at more closely than others. This section of the article will touch on some of those top features and explain how to determine which mobile apps are the best. If a mobile app is lacking in one of these areas then it is hard to consider it a top online sports betting app.

Mobile App Speed

One of the first things you will notice when using a mobile app is how fast and responsive that app is. If you are looking at the best betting apps, you want one that doesn't come with any lag time at all.

For Illinois sports betting apps to contend for the best in the market, it must come with tremendous speed, and that can play a big dividend if you are going to be making any live bets. If you notice that the app is going slow, it might be time to look at a different Illinois betting app.

Lucrative Welcome Offers To New Bettors

When choosing a mobile sports betting app, one of the things you should look at is the welcome offer that is available. The best Illinois betting apps are going to have some sort of bonus offer available to attract new customers.

These welcome offers come in many different forms, but you will want to choose one that loads up your sports betting account will free money or bets when signing up. You should at least be receiving a free bet of some sort from the site when you register.

App-Exclusive Promotions

The best Illinois betting apps are going to come with app-exclusive promotions as well. These are Illinois sportsbook promos that are only available through the mobile app, and you have to bet through the app to receive them.

Most of these app-exclusive promotions will be available for new and returning customers. Each Illinois betting app will have different options available, and you will find something appealing.

Wide Selection Of Wagering Options

Another key feature when looking at Illinois betting apps is the selection of betting markets and betting types that are offered. All of the Illinois online sports betting apps are going to feature the top U.S. sports, but there are other sports to look for as well.

Finding a site with a lot of sports is a great place to start, but you then need to look at what betting options are available. The best Illinois betting apps come up with new and exciting sports betting options all of the time to keep you interested and engaged.

Competitive Odds Betting

Before you ever make a sports bet you need to shop around and find the best sports betting odds in Illinois and betting lines that are out there. When searching for the best Illinois mobile betting app, it's important to find one that offers competitive lines for every sport.

This can be a really big deal if you are someone that plans on making a ton of bets. Getting the best lines can save you hundreds of dollars over the course of time and needs to be a focus when looking for the best Illinois sports betting apps.

Incredible Betting App Interface

We mentioned finding an Illinois betting app that is fast and responsive, but you also need to look for one that has a good interface. In simpler terms, this means finding Illinois betting apps that are pleasing on the eyes and easy to navigate.

This is where you will find some separation between the options among Illinois betting apps because each app is going to be built differently. Color scheme and how the betting options are laid out can really make a difference when finding a mobile app that is pleasing to use.

Flexible Payment Options

You are going to have to put some money in your sports betting account before placing a bet, and you want to find a site with great banking options. Using a credit card to fund an account is still a viable option, but there are other options that make it a much simpler process.

You are going to see plenty of the same payment options on each Illinois betting app, but some come up with new and better options. If you win some money, you will want to choose a site that will offer quick and easy payouts.

Security and Support

If you are looking at any Illinois betting apps, safety and security should be a top concern. Sports betting apps have improved security over the past few years, and you won't have to worry about that with a top site.

It can be a big advantage for you to find Illinois sports betting apps that offer extra layers of security to help protect your account. Some will offer a two-step sign-in process to ensure that it is actually you trying to access your account.

Customer support is another area that is extremely important, especially if you run into some issues. Live chat is a great way to get in touch with customer support, and it's an option you should look for.

Before signing up with an Illinois betting app, be sure to check into the customer support and see how responsive that operator is.

Do Mobile Betting Apps Offer Free Bets?

Illinois sports bettors love free bets. And the good news is that every great sports betting app should make available the same offers that can be accessed through the operator's website - including free bets.

One of the times when you should most expect to come across a free bet - or an offer that effectively delivers such a bonus - while online betting is during the process of signing up for an account.

More than one online betting app in IL offers a risk-free bet to new customers. This can be as generous as a $1,000 risk-free bet. That means if your first wager, up to that maximum, loses you get your stake back as a free bet or in site credit.

There are other ways in which you can access free bets. When you take advantage of a deposit match, for instance, the extra funds mean you are effectively playing for free. And the best US sports betting apps will offer a steady stream of bonuses - including free bets - once you have become a regular online betting customer.

Can You Mobile Sports Bet In Illinois?

Illinois betting apps are going to be available on both iOS and Android mobile devices. The look and feel of the mobile betting app might be a bit different with each operating system, but everything else is basically the same.

There are certain limitations and requirements in place for using these sports betting mobile apps. These best sports betting apps are going to be very easy to download and use, but there is a chance you could run into problems at times.

Betting With iOS Mobile Devices

If you have an iOS mobile device then it is going to be relatively easy to find the app and get it loaded onto your device. The best sports betting apps can be found on the Apple App store, and you can download them right from there.

You do not have to be in Illinois to download the app, or sign up for a new account for that matter. You will have to be in Illinois to place a bet, and that will require you to turn your location services on.

Once the app is loaded on your mobile device then you are going to want to save it to your home screen so that you can easily find it. It is also going to benefit you to save your username so that all you have to do is enter your account password to log in.

The one error message that you might see at times is that your location is not found. This problem can be solved by using a WiFi connection if one is available.

Betting With Android Sports Betting Apps

You might be able to find the best sports betting apps on the Google Play store, but that's not usually the case. In order to download these apps, you are going to have to click on a link that can be found at the online betting site.

After you click the link, you will be prompted to follow the directions to install the app on your phone or other device. Once you have successfully installed in then you will want to place it on your home screen so it is easily accessible.

You are also going to want to turn on WiFi when using the best sports betting apps because that will allow the sites to pinpoint your location easier. You don't have to do this, but it will make things run much smoother for you.

Another issue that you might run into with an Android app is that some apps aren't going to update on their own. In order to ensure that you are using the latest version of the app you will want to check for frequent app updates.

Are Illinois Sports Betting Apps Safe?

Every customer who downloads a new sports betting app wants to do so secure in the belief that they are not at risk in any way. In particular, you want to feel sure that every transaction you undertake is fully protected.

Since the advent of legalized online sports betting in Illinois, all the companies offering sports gambling apps in the state have had to do so under license. Any operator offering mobile betting without such a permit from the Illinois Gaming Board should be avoided - the risk to your data is far higher at such sites.

Most sports betting apps operating in the era of legalized online sports betting here now invest heavily in security measures. You should find extra protection from SSL encryption of every transaction, as well as regular checks by third-party experts to ensure the safety measures in place at the online betting app in question are as robust as ever.

Dual-factor authentication, and taking care to select a complex password, are other steps that the owners - and customers - of the best betting apps can take to ensure that playing there is as safe as possible.

Reasons To Use An Illinois Betting App

Now that we have covered some of the top features of IL sports betting apps, it's now time to convince you why it is important to use them. Beyond making the sports betting experience more enjoyable, there are some specific reasons to use an Illinois betting app as opposed to an online site. Including the fact the Illinois online casinos will be live before you know it.

Enhanced Usability

It can be a hassle to log onto a desktop computer and surf the internet to find an Illinois sports betting app. Not only that, but some of the sites aren't going to provide you with a good user experience.

The best Illinois betting apps are simple to use, and everything is laid out in a nice and organized manner. You are probably already doing many things on your mobile device, and sports betting should be added to that list.

Sports Wagering For All Betting Levels

You don't have to be a betting expert to enjoy legal online sports betting options. This is especially true with the top Illinois betting apps because there is betting for all levels.

Another great feature is that you can place a bet from anywhere you want with these apps, including at a sporting event. You could be sitting at Wrigley Field watching the Cubs play and place a bet on the action that is taking place right in front of you.

Betting Bonuses Available Only On Illinois Betting Apps

Earlier in this article we highlighted some of the top welcome bonuses that you can find with online betting sites. Those are all available on a mobile app as well, but you can also find some app-exclusive offers from the top sports betting operators.

Using a mobile app can unlock an occasional free bet as these companies want to reward their most loyal customers. An odds boost is another popular bonus or promotion that is going to be offered for customers that use a mobile app.

Before you place any bets through your Illinois betting app, it is always a good idea to check out the list of daily and weekly promotions that are available. This is just another great perk of using a mobile app for all of your sports betting needs.

Sports Streaming On The Go

A new trend among the best apps is the ability to watch live streams of sporting events on the go. When operators partner with a team or a league then that gives them the ability to live stream some games.

Horse racing is a big market that you can find with live streaming services from these apps, but some of the top professional sports will be available as well. You aren't going to get the same viewing pleasure of watching these events on a big screen TV, but it's still a nice option.

This is another great feature that can help, because you no longer have an excuse to not follow along with the action. The betting at mobile apps is still the biggest draw, but being able to stream sports is a terrific new perk.

Account Funding Is Easier With Mobile Wallets

Funding a sports betting account can be challenging at times, but that isn't the case when using sports betting apps. Instead of pulling out a credit card to make a payment, you can simply use one of the options that is already in your e-wallet.

PayPal has become a top payment option for mobile betting and that can help you send money back and forth quickly and easily. Using another option from your e-wallet will work as well, but each sports betting app is going to have different banking options available.

Using a mobile betting app has turned the hassle of banking into a positive since there are so many terrific payment options right on your phone.

Live Betting On Illinois Betting Apps

If you plan on doing some live-betting, the best opportunity is on an Illinois betting app. This type of betting and these betting options really go hand in hand, and it can provide such an easy way to bet on a live event.

The live odds are going to change quickly, and that's a big reason for finding an Illinois betting app that is extremely fast and responsive. If there is any lag time then you might miss out on that betting opportunity, which can get extremely frustrating.

Live-betting can be done in-person or online as well, but the best option is to do this betting with a mobile app. The fact that you can make a bet from your phone while sitting on the couch is a huge advantage of an Illinois betting app.

Get Started Betting With The Best Illinois Betting Apps

We covered a lot of information in this article, but it should give you a much better understanding of Illinois betting apps. There are some great online sports betting app options in Illinois, especially if you focus on the sites discussed in this article.

There are certain features that you want to focus on when looking for the best online betting apps in IL. Finding a site that checks off all of the boxes can provide a great sports betting experience.

If you still want to learn more information about sports betting then you can check out some of our other guides that talk about the top betting options. We also have articles that discuss the teams that drive IL sports betting and the partnerships with online sports betting operators.

Pros and Cons Of Mobile Sports Betting Apps

As you can see, there are many advantages to enjoying online sports betting through the best betting apps available. However, there may also be some drawbacks to the experience.

Pros and Cons of Illinois Betting Apps

Quick access the markets you want to play on, and the bets you want to place.
Easy navigation
Live Betting at your fingertips
Mobile storage space is used to download multiple sportsbook apps
Smaller screen visibility compared to desktop
Limited live streaming user experience

Best Illinois Betting Apps – The Bottom Line

The sports betting industry in Illinois is one of the best in the country, and it's because there are some great online sports betting options. Online betting drives the industry in Illinois and you have so many options when looking to place bets.

When choosing an Illinois betting app, be sure to look for the features that we discussed above. The best sports betting app will depend on which features are most important to you. These sports betting apps offer some great features, and you want to take advantage of as many as possible.

Responsible Gambling In IL

The Illinois Gaming Board provides resources to help those individuals with a gambling problem. Anyone that is experience this issue can call 1-800-GAMBLER and will be connected with someone that can help.

Every mobile sports betting app in Illinois will also have resources that promote responsible gambling. These sites have a way for gamblers to take a time out or set betting limits to reduce problem gambling.

Illinois Betting Apps FAQs


Over the past 10 years, Joss has written about all aspects of online betting for some of the top online publications in gambling. After a career as an Army officer, he spent time in business before taking up online poker. He eventually found himself immersed in all things gambling, including casino gaming and sports betting. Now Joss spends his day crafting content to help bettors in Illinois take the emerging sports betting market head on and find the best Illinois sportsbook for them.

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