Looking at Podcasts Getting Most Attention in Illinois

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Podcast popularity has been spiking in recent years with on-demand audio and video becoming a far more popular way for people to consume their media. Podcasts can cover any topic imaginable and there are millions of options for users to pick from, making the battle for the most popular podcast incredibly heated.

Despite the thousands and thousands of choices and unending variety, a few podcasts have set themselves apart as favorites in the state of Illinois, showing that good work is still appreciated and that quality can rule over quantity.IllinoisBet.com took a break from Illinois sports betting coverage to see which of the podcast options have separated themselves from the pack in the state. We did so by utilizing Google Trends and data from thepodcast.org.

Favorite Podcasts in Illinois

While you are thumbing through  Illinois sports betting apps here are the podcasts most likely getting a listen by your neighbors and friends:

Podcast Search Volume
The Joe Rogan Experience49%
Crime Junkie21%
Call Her Daddy21%
My Favorite Murder6%
The Ben Shapiro Show3%


Joe Rogan Experience Atop the List

It does not come as much of a surprise to see the Joe Rogan Experience podcast rank at the top of the list as his show has clearly elevated to the top of almost every podcast ranking there is. Rogan describes his show as a long form conversation and he finds guests from all walks of life that are trending in the world.

Tied for second in the state is the Crime Junkie podcast. True crime podcasts have exploded in popularity and Crime Junkie has solidified itself as one of the best. Crime Junkie is hosted by Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat and has been topping podcast charts since 2017. Also tied for second is Spotify’s Call Her Daddy, proving the diversity in the podcast space. Alex Cooper’s hit podcast targets 18-29 year-old females but has risen in popularity with every demographic, especially since making the move to Spotify from Barstool Sports. My Favorite Murder ranks fourth, adding a second true crime podcast to the list.The Ben Shapiro Show finishes off the top five. Shapiro hosts a news podcast from a conservative point of view. 

If the top five is any indications, Illinois podcast listeners value variety when it comes to consuming their audio media, with many different types of podcasts ranking in the top five. IllinoisBet.com occasionally does stories of cultural interest as well as provides the best Illinois sportsbook promos.


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