PointsBet Sportsbook Illinois Welcome Offer & App Review, August 2022

By Mark Strotman

PointsBet jumped into the sports betting industry in January 2019 by launching a sportsbook in New Jersey shortly after the state became the first to legalize sports betting outside of Nevada. The sportsbook quickly expanded to other states to grow their brand and currently PoinstBet Illinois is legal in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. Unlike other Illinois online gambling operators, PointsBet focuses all its time and energy into its sportsbook to provide a unique and enjoyable experience for its players.

PointsBet has become a fan favorite by local diehard fans thanks to its continued commitment to pumping up local markets, providing boosts to local teams and featuring professional Illinois teams on its home page. PointsBet has quickly established itself as one of the premier sportsbooks in Illinois.

But how does it stack up against the others? I reviewed every inch of the sportsbook, including its user experience, bonus bets, mobile app experience, responsible gaming access and more to give you a comprehensive look at whether PointsBet sportsbook Illinois is the right sportsbook to place your bets.

PointsBet Illinois Sportsbook At A Glance

PointsBet has an enticing new offer – five risk-free bets up to $100 each – and with the IllinoisBet.com link, you don't need a promo code.

πŸ₯‡ Best ForNew Bettors
🎁 PointsBet Sportsbook IL Promo CodeNone, click to claim offer
πŸ’³ Minimum Deposit$10
πŸ’° Wagering Requirement1x
βœ” App AvailableYes
⌚ Withdrawal TimeInstant, or up to 5 days
πŸ“… Online Since2021

PointsBet Sportsbook Illinois Promo-Code-Free Welcome Offer

Breaking from the majority of sportsbooks, PointsBet Illinois does not require a promo code to unlock its welcome offers, and the quickest way to get the PointsBet Illinois welcome offer is to use that link.

The current offer is five risk-free bets up to $100 each. If any of your initial wagers is a loser, PointsBet will give you the money back as a site credit. Terms and conditions – including that site credits cannot immediately be withdrawn as cash – apply. But this remains a great way to have fun as you enter the sports betting world, or become familiar with PointsBet as the latest sports betting app in your portfolio.

Pros And Cons Of PointsBet Sportsbook Illinois

PointsBet Sportsbook Illinois has a couple of great boosts to help tip things in your favor.

βœ”οΈ Local flair❌ Mobile app
βœ”οΈ Odds boosts❌ Same-game parlays
βœ”οΈ Parlay boosters
βœ”οΈ Live customer chat

Deposits and Withdrawals

PointsBet Illinois sportsbook has made the deposit and withdrawal process a simple one for its members.

PointsBet has their own MasterCard that the company describes as its preferred payment method. Customers can user their bank card to transfer funds to and from their PointsBet MasterCard, with those funds being made available to play immediately. Withdrawal is also immediate, and they can access those funds on that card wherever MasterCard is accepted. It’s a nice workaround for bettors whose banks do not allow online gaming transactions.

Players can deposit funds into their account by selecting their account dropdown in the top-right corner of the home screen and clicking on "deposit." PointsBet sportsbook Illinois allows five different payment options, including online banking (recommended), PayNearMe, PayPal, ACH/eCheck and credit/debit cards. Members select the method they want to use to deposit funds, select an amount (minimum $10) and the funds are ready to be used almost immediately.

The withdrawal process is also seamless, one of the added benefits to using legal sportsbooks in the United States. Withdrawals can be done electronically, which can take up to 5 days to receive funds (but is typically much shorter) or by a mailed check, which can take up to 14 days. Members can withdraw their funds by selecting the "withdraw" option on the account dropdown menu to see their available balance that is able to be withdrawn. From there, members can select a withdrawal method, receiving their funds via online banking (recommended), ACH/eCheck, PayPal or a cash withdrawal at any of the four PointsBets Chicago-area sportsbooks.

Like all major sportsbooks, PointsBet Illinois has made it simple for its members to deposit and withdraw funds. I haven't experienced any issues with the process, and that's a major bonus when considering some of the problems that players of offshore sportsbooks sometimes encounter.

Responsible gaming options are also available for members who want to set limitations for funds and/or deposits they can bet or deposit in a given day, week, or month. PointsBet makes these options readily accessible, easy to understand and simple to use on its responsible gaming page.

Payment Options

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • ACH Transfer
  • PayNearMe

PointsBet Sports to Wager on in Illinois

If there's a sport to be bet on, PointsBet Illinois sportsbook has you covered. It offers all the major markets such as betting on the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL, and there are also more than a dozen other sports to choose from, including boxing, tennis, MMA and even darts. What's more, PointsBet also offers a number of different leagues within all sports that make the betting experience one that can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night. Where there's a market or game, there's a PointsBet bet to be placed.

If you're looking for a local flair to your sports betting experience, PointsBet is for you. They're more of a state-specific operator than some of the other major sports, such as IL DraftKings Illinois or FanDuel Illinois. When you log onto PointsBet, you know right away that you're on an Illinois sportsbook. That's a unique feature and added bonus, and one of PointsBet's biggest selling points.

Whereas a typical online sportsbook doesn't have all that many localized odds boosts, PointsBet goes out of their way to provide boosts for Illinois teams. It could be boosting the bet on the Illinois MLB team the White Sox moneyline on a given night from -110 to +110 or boosting the parlay odds of a particular player's home run and a Cubs victory from +400 to +650. Because PointsBet is affiliated with NBC Sports, Sunday Night Football betting is routinely an event that gets odds boosts, with even larger promotions if the Bears are part of the action.

What's more, PointsBet Illinois sportsbook makes sure to place their local odds boosts front and center on the website. Whereas some sportsbooks will make you dig around the website or at the very least click through multiple links to find their local markets and boosts, these are routinely the first thing that bettors will see when they log on. PointsBet also features local athletes as spokespersons for the sportsbook, including former Bears player Devin Hester. NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson is a national spokesperson for the company.

PointsBet Contest Types

PointsBet is a full-scale sportsbook with thousands of different betting options. The most popular and traditional bets include point spreads, totals, moneyline, player prop bets, team prop bets and futures. These sports betting markets are all typically offered for each of the 17 different sports PointsBet Illinois sportsbook offers. In addition to standard betting options, PointsBet features a unique version of betting called PointsBetting.

In short, the more your bet is correct, the more you win. The more your bet is wrong, the more you lose. For example, a $10 PointsBetting bet on the Bulls -4 would yield $100 if the Bulls were to win by 14 points ($10 x the Bulls winning by 10 more points than the spread). Likewise, a six-point Bulls loss would result in a $100 loss ($10 PointsBetting bet x the Bulls losing by 10 more points than the spread).

This PointsBetting option is available for game spreads, game totals and several player propositions. Sports bettors can cap their max PointsBetting winnings and max losses to avoid a significant loss. PointsBetting is as unique a feature as any major sportsbook has, but it does take some getting used to, so make you understand what your bet is, how much it could potentially win or lose is, before placing it.

While it's not necessarily a PointsBet promo or contest, another unique feature on PointsBet sportsbook is the Karma Kommittee. If PointsBet notices a bad beat or a wrong call by an official changing the outcome of a bet, it will consider refunding the losing side of the bet and/or offer a free bet in exchange. It's a nice feature that isn't available at all sportsbooks, and bettors can Tweet at the PointsBet Twitter account to alert them of something the Karma Kommittee should look at, making the experience an interactive one.

Another unique feature on PointsBet Illinois is the "name your bet" tool. Bettors can get creative with the kind of market, sport or league they want to be on by creating their own bet and sending it to PointsBet. If PointsBet accepts the bet, it will create specific odds for that bet and place it in the "name your bet" tab. All PointsBet bettors are then eligible to bet on the unique market. One example includes touchdowns thrown by Bears rookie quarterback Justin Fields in 2021.


PointsBet Illinois Sportsbook Features

In addition to the traditional sports betting options, PointsBet Illinois also has a handful of other features that make the betting experience an even more enjoyable one. They include cash out options, live bets, odds boosts and single-game parlays. These features make for an interactive experience for bettors who can find more value, better plays and more lucrative incentives if they take advantage of these readily accessible features.

Live Betting

Sports betting doesn't stop when the game starts. PointsBet offers hundreds of different live betting options during events in just about every market, with live odds, spreads and totals changing in real time. PointsBet's quick response time allows for bettors to quickly make live bets as the event is happening, and the sportsbook does a nice job of allowing users to make a follow-up bet if odds have changed in the time the player went to place a bet and when it was declined.

Cash Out Option

Sports betting is about knowing which games to play and about knowing when to take the money and run. It's why PointsBet offers a cash out option for members who don't want to potentially lose their bet on a backdoor cover or believe their bet is going to lose and want to salvage what's left of it.

The cash out option is not always available during a live event, particularly if the game in question has already been essentially decided, but often members will have the option during an event to cash out for a percentage of the full payout. PointsBet's quick response time and excellent live betting features make cash out options seamless.

Odds Boost

Sports betting is all about finding the best value. And if you've come to PointsBet Illinois, you can be sure you're getting that kind of value. The PointsBet sportsbook routinely offers odds boosts, whether that's local teams playing a nationally-televised games, a three-leg parlay or a specific market like the NBA Draft or March Madness. Not all odds are created equal, and PointsBet is often giving its users the ability for higher payouts on popular betting markets. Those odds boosts are easy to find for members to take advantage of, which isn't always the case at all sportsbooks.

Same Game Parlay

Same-game parlays are becoming increasingly popular at major sportsbooks, and PointsBet Illinois is getting in on the action. PointsBet refers to these as single-game parlays, though they are only available in certain markets and on certain games. That being said, PointsBet Illinois continues to expand those markets and games, and I expect that to continue moving forward. For now, there are not as many same-game parlays offered on PointsBet as there are on other major sportsbooks, but you will find it available for several games.

User Experience

Online sports betting in the United States can look 100 different ways. Though the content of each website (major markets, spreads, totals, futures) all generally look the same, the way those odds markets are laid out can take many different forms. When it comes to PointsBet, Illinois bettors will find more positives than negatives when it comes to the desktop experience.

The first thing you will see on the home screen are current promotions. In addition to the promotions being listed, PointsBet routinely has fun graphics attached to each promotion that make it even more appealing to click on. It's a small thing, but one that I noticed as a small bonus. The home page also features the most popular sports and leagues in play, which are usually the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. The other tab next to featured leagues are the in-play games, so members will have access to the most popular live events happening at any given time.

All sports betting markets are available via a dropdown menu, with PointsBet listing its featured markets at the top, followed by all available markets in an A-Z list. PointsBet also recently added a search bar to its dropdown main menu, though the website is structured so well that most members won't have any need for it. That dropdown menu also includes a link to PointsBet's blog to give members the latest updates on what's happening with the online sportsbook.

Within each market, league, and/or sport, PointsBet features tabs at the top of each page with access to the featured games and events in that market, the live games and events in that market, and the upcoming games and events in that market. Whether you're looking to make a fixed odds bet, a live bet or a futures bet, everything is accessible on a single page, so sports bettors won't need to jump around multiple pages to find what they're looking for.

PointsBet Illinois also makes it easy for its players to understand everything going on with their account. A dropdown on the right side of the screen gives customers access to their balance, pending bets, settled bets, deposit and withdrawal options, free bet options and other rewards. The best part is all that information is in a dropdown menu, so members can continue betting while looking at that info in real time.

Last but certainly not least, the live chat customer support on PointsBet is one of the best features I uncovered when reviewing the sportsbook. It's accessible and easy to utilize on both the desktop and PointsBet Illinois mobile app, the 24/7 function is real and the PointsBet team members are friendly, quick to respond and almost always able to answer questions. Like the dropdown menus for accounts, the live chat is a pop-up app. so members will be able to continue playing while getting their questions answered.

PointsBet Mobile App

PointsBet's mobile app is a spitting image of the desktop. And that's a good thing. It's easy to download the PointsBet app and is available for both iOS and Android. Members will find the same black background, red and gray tabs, and white fonts for teams, spreads, totals and odds on the app. The same banners atop the website are featured on the mobile app, so players can easily find the most popular major markets that they're looking for. The PointsBet app has a navigation tool along the bottom of the screen for users to locate the main menu, specific sports, live games, quick parlay options and a player's current unsettled bets.

Players can also easily access their account information from the right side of the PointsBet Illinois sportsbook app, and each player's balance, PointsBet points and free bets balance is easily readable in that same location, almost identical to the desktop experience. If there's one downside to the app, it's that bet slips don't populate as effectively as we've experienced on some other sportsbooks' mobile apps. There can be some lag time, which can make a difference for users trying to bet on live events. It's not necessarily a huge negative, but I have noticed more problems using the PointsBet app than I do other sportsbooks.

Overall, the PointsBet Illinois app provides just as many varieties, boosts, promotions and offers as the desktop. Users can rest easy knowing their mobile app experience will be almost identical when they're on the go.


Creating a PointsBet Account in IL

PointsBet Illinois has made the registration process for its users a simple one. Like many of the major sportsbooks such as Illinois BetMGM or BetRivers Ilinois, players will need to sign up using their contact information and personal information. Players simply use their email address as their username, unlike some sportsbooks that have players create unique usernames. Make sure to use the IllinoisBet.com links for direct access to the welcome offer.

  1. Sign up by selecting the state in which you plan to use PointsBet, followed by entering your email address, and first and last name.
  2. You'll then enter date of birth, phone number and the last four digits of your Social Security number to prove you are of legal betting age.
  3. Choose a deposit method, enter a specific amount of money to deposit, and you're ready to play.

Does PointsBet Illinois Have A Loyalty Program?

PointsBet Illinois sportsbook does have not have a loyalty program but does offer benefits to its members in the form of promotions and rewards. In addition to daily promotions such as odds boosts and parlay boosters, members receive points with every bet they place that can be redeemed for free bets.

Members receive 1 point for every $5 fixed odds bets, 1 reward point for a $1 parlay bet and 1 reward point for every dollar won or lost through PointsBetting. Members can also receive 100 points for a $100 parlay, 200 points for a $200 fixed bet, 300 points for a $300 PointsBetting win, 300 points for a $300 in-play bet, and 100 points for a $100 in-play parlay.

Members can then redeem their points for free bets. Every 1000 points earned equals $10 in free bets.

PointsBet also has a newly formed invitation-only Platinum Club, which is described as "an exclusive betting experience for select PointsBet customers. Members receive personalized benefits as they move toward unlocking Diamond Club level status." The PointsBet club won't be available to the majority of members but is an option for high-stakes PointsBet clients.

Bet Responsibly On PointsBet Illinois sportsbook

Like many of the major sportsbooks in the United States, PointsBet takes responsible gaming seriously and provides members with resources if they need help. PointsBet has an entire page dedicated to responsible gaming that includes links for members to set deposit limits, time-on-site limits, spend limits and cool-off periods of 3, 7, or 30 days.

PointsBet also conveniently provides bettors with a dropdown menu of frequently asked questions surrounding responsible gaming, including warning signs, who to contact if you believe you have a problem, preventing children from betting, PointsBet's commitment to help bettors and closing your account. Live chat customer support is always available for those who need it as well.

Lastly, PointsBet has a player protection page on its website (accessible from the responsible gaming page) that allows bettors to reset their password or dispute a bet, with a link to the Illinois Gaming Board if PointsBet is unable to resolve the issue.

Most major sportsbooks are comprehensive and genuine about their commitment to responsible gaming within sports betting. PointsBet's thorough info is no different here.

My Expert Opinion on PointsBet Sportsbook in Illinois

If you're a diehard fan of the Bulls, Blackhawks, Bears, Cubs or White Sox, it's tough to beat PointsBet as a sports betting experience. Local flair is always front-and-center, whether it's the featured matchup or a particular odds boost. For those who don't care about the Illinois teams, they're a click away from a full-scale sportsbook with hundreds of markets to choose from on an easily accessible sportsbook with no lag time and real-time updates to odds.

The PointsBet Illinois mobile app is a virtual replica of the desktop website, while members being able to utilize the PointsBetting feature is something they won't find anywhere else. The attention to detail that PointsBet gives to local teams and players is also second to none, making the sportsbook the most personal of any we've reviewed. The name your bet option on PointsBet is also a unique feature that allows members to really feel like PointsBet is their own sportsbook.

There are no casinos feature or any daily fantasy sports, though the former isn't all that big of a deal considering Illinois Online Casinos are not legal .


PointsBet Sportsbook FAQs


Mark Strotman is a veteran sports journalist who has covered the Chicago Bulls and the NBA for NBC Sports Chicago for about 8 years. His work has also appeared on ESPN.com, FoxSports.com, The Chicago Tribune, Yahoo Sports and NBC Sports. He covered the NBA Playoffs in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017 as well as Team USA Basketball in 2014 and 2016. He has also covered high school football and was nominated for a Midwest Emmy in 2016 for his work on a documentary featuring local Chicago product and NFL prospect Miles Boykin.

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