Illinois Sportsbook Promos, Best Illinois Sports Betting Promotions for January 2023

By Joss Wood

Illinois Sportsbook promos are one reason this state has become such a robust sports betting market. Promo codes can be used as a great introduction to Illinois sports betting or provide some extra incentive for more experienced sports bettor. We’ll look at the best Illinois betting promos so that you can choose which is best for you

Best Illinois Sportsbook Promos And Betting Bonuses

You are going to find the best Illinois sports betting bonuses in the section below. There will also be a brief explanation of these online sports betting sites and what you can expect.

These offers can change from time to time, but this will be a nice guide for you to follow.

Highest Illinois Sports Betting Promos

There are several outstanding Illinois promo codes and offers. You can sign up with multiple sportsbooks and take advantage of as many as you like.

Caesars Illinois Promo Code🎁  ILBFULLπŸ₯‡  Up to $1,250, 1,000 reward credits, 1,000 tier credits
BetMGM Illinois Bonus Code🎁  ILBBONUSπŸ₯‡  First Bet Offer up to $1,000 paid in Bonus Bets
FanDuel Illinois Promo Code🎁  Click here to claimπŸ₯‡  Bet $5, Get $150 in Bonus Bets
BetRivers Illinois Promo Code🎁  Click here to claimπŸ₯‡  2nd Chance Free Bet Up To $500

Here is the list of the best Illinois sportsbook promo codes and bonuses you can use right now; pick the ones that are best for you. 


New customers can take advantage of the BetMGM Illinois bonus code to receive a First Bet Offer worth up to $1,000 in Bonus Bets. BetMGM is a site that is also known for having great daily and weekly promotions for returning customers.


Caesars entered the market after re-branding from William Hill. This was done after Caesars acquired William Hill in a purchase, and then went to work changing things on the site.

The Caesars Sportsbook Illinois Promo Code produces an offer for up to $1,250 plus 1,000 reward credits and 1,000 tier credits. This is a solid offer from Caesars, using promo code: ILBFULL.


The PointBet Illinois promo code looks massive at first glance, and it fittingly comes in two parts. You will also get a chance to try out the patented points betting option with this offer.

New customers at PointsBet Illinois will receive 4 risk-free bets up to $200 each.

PointsBet does things differently than some other operators, but it is known for having great promotions. All NFL games have reduced juice, giving bettors more value when making those wagers.


FanDuel is king when it comes to legal online betting as it is the market share leader in the United States. The FanDuel Illinois promo is a "Bet $5, Get $150 in Bonus Bets" offer available to new customers only.

FanDuel Sportsbook Illinois is also known for having reload bonuses available to returning customers, which is another terrific perk. Anytime that you can receive these bonus bets from the site then it is work taking advantage.

The betting odds at FanDuel are competitive, and it's known for having great same game parlay betting options as well. The sign-up bonus from FanDuel is great, but it also offers much more than just a great bonus code.


DraftKings Sportsbook Illinois is one of the market leaders in Illinois and it is a site that also offers daily fantasy sports. This is a highly-rated mobile app, and it makes live betting extremely easy with this sportsbook.

The DraftKings Illinois promo code is one of the best in IL as new customers get a 40x return on their first wager: Bet $5, get $200 instantly, win or lose.

There are also going to be some great bonus code options for returning customers but this is one of the best bonus codes for sports betting in the industry.


BetRivers was one of the first sports betting brands to launch in Illinois, but it wasn't long before it was joined by others. BetRivers is a product of Rush Street Interactive, one of the leaders in providing online sports betting.

For new customers who use the BetRivers Illinois promo code will receive 
a "2nd Chance Free Bet Up To $500," which is a terrific offer. That means your first wager, up to $500, cannot lose. If it does come out wrong, you will get bet credits.

BetRivers is known for having a long list of odds boosts available each day, and those can be found easily on the landing page.

What’s The Difference Between Promos & Bonuses

When reading about different online sportsbooks and what they have to offer, the terms "sports betting promo codes" and "sportsbook bonuses" can come up pretty frequently. You might be wondering what, if any, the difference between these offers is. While the two terms are used fairly interchangeably, there can be slight differences in what they refer to.

A sportsbook promotion can refer to any special or unique feature that a sportsbook offers to encourage the use of their platform. Promotions can encompass a wide range of things, from free bets promos to better odds for certain sporting events. Different sportsbooks do not offer the same promotions, which is why it is a good idea for sports bettors to check out multiple sites to get the best deals.

Bonuses are essentially a form of sportsbook promotion. Illinois sportsbook bonuses often refer to a promo where additional funding or credit is made available to an account as long as certain betting criteria are met. Risk free bets are one such type of bonus.

New sports bettors and those that have been betting for some time can both benefit from taking advantage of promotions or bonuses. While the terms can mean slightly different things, they are typically used interchangeably.

Why Do Illinois Sportsbooks Offer Promo Codes?

Promotions are a common feature of online sportsbooks. While some promotions can sometimes seem too good to be true, it is in fact necessary for sportsbooks to provide unique features, such as risk free bets, in order to remain competitive in the industry and gain new users. Such offers are a great way for sportsbooks to attract users and incentivize the continued use of their platform. Promotions serve as an important way for sportsbooks to set themselves apart. It is always a good idea to use a bonus code or promo code when you have the opportunity to. Keep an eye out for all the Illinois sportsbook bonuses out there.

Types Of Illinois Online Sportsbook Promotions

An Illinois sports betting promotion is going to have the same basic purpose, but not all Illinois sportsbook promos are built the same. This section will go over some common sportsbook bonuses you will see, and what each of them will entail.

Risk-Free Bet Options

A risk-free bet is a common betting promotion and this typically only applies to the first wager that you make at an online sports betting site. Think of this as an insurance policy in case your first wager is not successful.

If you lose your first bet then you will be reimbursed for the amount of money that you wagered. You will then have to bet that same amount before you can make a withdrawal request.

Deposit Match Bonuses

A deposit bonus means that you are going to be receiving some sort of reward based on your first deposit. Some online sites will match your first deposit up to a certain dollar amount, while others will give you a percentage of what you paid in.

This deposit bonus will only apply to your first deposit, and that money will show up in your account automatically. You will have to wager that amount of money before it will be available to you to receive a payout.

No Deposit Bonus

A deposit-free bonus is given to new customers before they even make a deposit at the site. This usually comes in the form of free bets or simply cash that can be used to wager on whatever sports betting market is available.

Reload Bonuses

A reload bonus is available for existing customers that are needing to put additional money into their accounts. Most sports betting operator bonuses are going to be for new customers, but not this offer.

This can be some sort of reload deposit match, or it can be receiving a certain amount of bonus cash based on how much money is put back into an account.

Odds Boosts

An odds boost is another bonus that is available for someone that is already registered. These odds boosts are offered on specific games or events as a way to boost the potential winnings of a bet.

Most odds boosts come with some sort of restriction on the amount of money that can be wagered.


A referral bonus is paid out when you get someone else to sign up at the online betting sites. Most sites in IL will have a referral program as a way to attract new customers by having others spread the word.

A referral bonus is usually paid out directly to an account and comes in the form of cash or free bets.

Online Casino Promotions

Online casinos in Illinois are not yet available, but they are expected at some point. When this happens, sportsbook promo codes could include promotions for an online casino as well.

The top betting sites in Illinois will likely offer both sports betting and online casino gambling and promos can be combined between each betting option.

How to Use Illinois Sports Betting Bonuses

Using Illinois sportsbook bonuses is easy. While Illinois sportsbooks have different offers and site layouts, using a promo code tends to be similar across platforms.

First things first, you will have to decide which bonus code you will use and understand what the offer is. There are many different promotion types, from free bet credit to deposit bonus promos. Certain offers are only available for a limited time, or have certain restrictions in order to be activated. Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions of the promotion to ensure you don't miss out on the deal.

Next, you'll have to enter the promo code. Luckily, this process tends to look the same across different sportsbooks. When creating a new account with an online sportsbook you will need to enter all the necessary personal information. At the end of the information entry stage, there will likely be a promo code prompt. This is where you need to enter the code.

What Sports Can You Use Illinois Sportsbook Promos On?

Each betting site in Illinois is going to offer slightly different sports to wager on, but there will be some similarities as well. The four major professional sports, and college events are all going to be available at each site.

Here are some of the most popular sports to use your betting promo codes on.

NFL (Football) Betting Promo Codes

NFL betting in Illinois is completely legal in state, and this is easily the most popular sport to wager on. The top online betting site will have plenty of NFL betting markets available, and these bets will meet the betting requirements of sports betting promo codes.

NBA (Basketball) Betting Bonuses

The NBA sports betting in IL is another popular sport to wager on, and these bets will meet the requirements of betting promos. There are going to be other basketball leagues that will be offered by Illinois betting sites that meet the wagering requirements as well.

MLB (Baseball) Betting Bonuses

Betting on baseball has always been a touchy subject, but it is completely legal to wager on this league. There are two MLB teams in the state of Illinois, giving bettors more of a chance to meet the ​​MLB online betting in Illinois requirements with this sport.

NHL (Hockey) Betting Bonuses

The NHL is the fourth most popular sport to wager on in Illinois, but it is another solid legal option. NHL betting in Illinois will satisfy the wagering requirements needed to unlock the full bonus of the promo code.

Terms You Should Know Before Using Illinois Sportsbook Promo Codes

Now that you have a better understanding of the top sports betting site promo codes available in Illinois, it's time to take a close look at some key terms. Not fully understanding what these key terms mean can cause you to fall short of taking care of the sportsbook bonuses.

Wagering Requirements

Every bonus code is going to come with some sort of wagering requirements that you must meet. These requirements will indicate the types of bets that are available and when the bets have to be in by.

It's important to read these wagering requirements closely so you don't miss out on deposit bonuses.

Minimum Deposit

When looking to get the best promo codes for online betting, you are going to have to put up some money in most situations. A minimum deposit is going to be required before the betting bonuses will be available to you. A common minimum deposit at betting sites in IL is $10.

Minimum Odds

Minimum odds refer to the best that you are going to be placing at the betting sites. Online sportsbooks aren't going to just give bonuses away, and you will have to earn them by placing a bet that comes with minimum odds.


An expiration date is when that bonus will expire, and you won't ever be able to get that offer back after it is gone. Most promo codes will have an expiration date of at least a week, but that could be extended up to a month as well.

Cash Out

Cash out can really mean a couple of things when it comes to wagering. Cashing out a bet means that you are requesting money from a bet before the outcome is decided.

Another time cash out is used is when looking to make a withdrawal from an online betting site. Most promo codes will come with a 1x play through requirement before a cash out can be made.

Illinois Sportsbook Promo Examples

As sportsbooks attempt to differentiate themselves against competitors in the industry, there are a number of different promo types out there. In order to make the most of using a promo code or bonus code it is important to understand what these different promotions are and how to use them.

Risk Free Bet Example

Risk free bets are among the most common types of promotions offered by online sportsbooks. A risk free bet allows users to place their first bet without risk. In other words, if the bet does not win, the bettor receives the free bet credit they wagered back in their account as if nothing happened.

Keep in mind that there are often certain criteria that must be met in order for the bet to qualify for the promo, such as a minimum wager amount or certain odds. If you lose and the free bet credit is returned to your account, this credit will likely only be available within a given timeframe.

Let's consider an example. After entering the bonus code when creating your account, you are able to place your first bet as a risk free bet. Say you place a wager of $50 on an upcoming game between the Chicago Bears versus the Kansas City Chiefs. Unfortunately, the bet is unsuccessful. Luckily, thanks to the promotion you receive $50 in betting credit to your account which can be used on any sporting event.

Deposit Bonus Example

Deposit bonuses are also frequently offered by online sportsbooks to new signups. As the name implies, a deposit bonus refers to when a sportsbook offers additional credit to a new account.

As is the case with risk free bet promos, there are certain criteria that must be met in order for the deposit bonus to be activated. Usually, this is a certain minimum for a first deposit.

Sportsbooks will offer different amounts for their deposit bonuses. Some will offer a deposit match bonus while others have a set credit amount for the bonus. Make sure to read the details to get the most you can from the promotion.

Pros and Cons of Using Illinois Sportsbook Promos

Promo codes offer a great way to enhance your sports betting experience and allow you to get a head start with your sports betting account. Still, there are a number of things to keep in mind when using promo codes

Pros of Using Promo Codes

  • Promotions are a great way to receive extra earnings and credit when starting up using an online sportsbook. Who doesn't love free money?
  • Using a promo code is a fun opportunity that adds an extra layer of excitement to the online betting experience.
  • Using promotions on a variety of different online sportsbooks is a good excuse to sign up for multiple sportsbooks and find out which one you like the best.

Negatives of Using Promo Codes

  • Sportsbooks can have very specific requirements when it comes to activating a promotion. This can force the bettor to make decisions that they might otherwise not want to do, just to gain access to the bonus, for example betting on a certain match or wagering a minimum amount.
  • Most bonuses require a minimum deposit amount in order to qualify. This means the bettor must be prepared to deposit this defined amount.
  • It can be tedious to look through all the different online sportsbooks to figure out which offer the best promotions to their users. While it is still worthwhile, new bettors must be prepared to spend some time on this.

Get Started Betting With Illinois Online Sports Betting Cash Bonuses

If you are going to be betting on sports then you simply must have to look for sports betting bonus codes. There is plenty of variety in these offers, but getting any bonus code is a big deal.

You simply have to follow the terms and requirements of the betting operator bonus codes and you will be setting yourself up nicely right from the start. Using an Illinois betting app makes it even easier to find a promo code to use.

If you are looking for additional betting help then we also provide articles describing the top betting options. We will explain betting options such as moneyline, spread, and parlays to help you be more successful in this industry.

Key Takeaways on the Best Online Sports Betting Promos

You now have all of the information you need to use promo codes at online sports betting sites in Illinois. Simply find the best offer that works for you, and be sure to follow all of the requirements.

We have gathered up all of the best sports gambling promo codes in Illinois and compiled a complete list on this site.

Illinois Sportsbook Promo Code FAQ


Over the past 10 years, Joss has written about all aspects of online betting for some of the top online publications in gambling. After a career as an Army officer, he spent time in business before taking up online poker. He eventually found himself immersed in all things gambling, including casino gaming and sports betting. Now Joss spends his day crafting content to help bettors in Illinois take the emerging sports betting market head on and find the best Illinois sportsbook for them.

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